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IC Realtime has named Sight Security the Exclusive Canadian Distributor of the Virtual Fence Radar Security Solutions

VFR monitors up to nine square miles with the ability to detect, track and alert of approaching possible threats

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – Date – IC Realtime LLC, a designer of security solutions for security/alarm dealers and integrators, today announced  Sight Security an exclusive distributor for our new, cutting edge security solutions incorporating IC Realtime’s security products and JETprotect’s new Virtual Fence Radar (VFR) technology.

“IC Realtime has an outstanding reputation for developing the most advanced and reliable security solutions available,” said Greg Johnston, CEO of JETprotect. “Our VFR technology represents a ground-breaking approach to automated security solutions, and this partnership with IC Realtime will only further enhance the unique capabilities of the system. We look forward to working with the team at IC Realtime to bring a new wave of high performance surveillance systems driven by both of our company’s expertise and resources.”

“Never before has there been a product that features the capabilities of JETprotect’s Virtual Fence Radar,” said Matt Sailor, president of IC Realtime. “We’re very proud to have the opportunity to have Mike Macdonald  CEO of Sight Security distribute our VFR and our advanced technologies and products to develop a new range of sophisticated security solutions ideal for any application.”

The most effective means of detecting intruders at any time of day and weather condition, JETprotect’s VFR can monitor up to nine square miles to discover, track and slew cameras to any moving target or breached point. VFR monitors property in a 360 degree sweep of distances of approximately a 1.7 mile radius, rotating at one-second intervals. If an object is detected during the radar sweep, VFR’s advanced rules-based analytics CortexTM will instantly determine if the object appears to be a threat to the protected area. The system will calculate the object’s geolocation, size, bearing and local velocity, then direct sensors and/or cameras to further determine the possibility of threat.

VFR’s tracking capabilities are enhanced by utilizing several different cameras within a single housing unit. This enables the systems to automatically select the best camera for the situation, depending on lighting, distance and other factors. For example, if a possible threat was identified at a long distance in the middle of the night, the VFR Cortex would trigger the high powered thermal camera and lock onto the object for monitoring. As the object moved closer, the Cortex would automatically switch tracking to a high resolution day/night camera for better viewing.

At a programmed critical point, VFR will also alert a central monitoring station and appropriate security personnel with live video and real-time data.

Attendees to GLOBAL PETROLEUM SHOW held  June-12-14 2012 in Stampede Park- Calgary,Alberta, Canada., will have an exclusive opportunity to learn more about the partnership between IC Realtime and JETprotect by visiting the Sight Security  Booth (#3152) during the show. Please contact Mike Macdonald

to make an appointment and meet with one our experts. Please email @ mikemac@sightsecurity.org   

About Sight Security

Sight Security is going to be your exclusive Canadian distributor for Virtual Fence. Mike Macdonald of Intercept Security after 20 years changes name and focus.

Intercept has installed over 15,000 security systems in the last 20 years.

After seeing Virtual Fence he sold off  his account base to SaskTel and changed his company name and focus to concentrate on Virtual Fence.

The new Motto for Sight security is “seeing is believing”


About IC Realtime

IC Realtime, LLC designs security solutions that not only help organizations to enhance the effectiveness of their security operations, but also improve their overall business performance. Headquartered in Pompano Beach, Florida, with offices in New York and Arizona, IC Realtime was founded by experts with

a combined 35 years of experience in the development, marketing, sales, installation and support of security and alarm equipment. As a result, IC Realtime understands the needs of security/alarm dealers and integrators and is committed to providing its customers with innovative and superior-quality products that are competitively priced nearly always available off-the-shelf. For more information, visit www.icrealtime.com

About JETprotect

JETprotect is an R&D / manufacturing company that provides rugged hi-tech, harsh environment analytic safety surveillance intelligence products for protecting  large area assets like solar farms, mining operations nuclear facilities,oil/gas operations and airports. JETprotect’s laboratory and factory are located in Santa Clara, California.


May 31, 2012

Seeing is believing. 



Sight Security is the new name for Intercept Security

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